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    Sah V Depression (Final Words) by Andre Patrone

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    AUGUST 1ST at 7pm CITY WIDE TASTING PARTY AT Newark Airport RAMADA INN 160 Frontage Rd Newark NJ
    AUGUST 2ND MY OFFICIAL LAUNCH PARTY at 7PM SHARP (Message me for address)

    Message me on twitter: @Sdot_Bell or Facebook Sidanii Bell if you’d like to Attend!!!

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    #OGBenz #teamfreedom

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    These folks ain’t playing games #OGBenz #project500 (at PA/NJ Line)

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    It’s been a while since I’ve done a music related post and it is long overdue. I love giving up and coming artist and producers their shine and this is one of those times. This past year I spent some time in North Carolina getting my masters and I met some really interesting characters. Two guys I met were a little bit more interesting when it came to their love for music.

    One guy a quiet unassuming witty Ohio native who graduated form Indiana State University. The other a Maryland guy and a Stanford graduate who had a northeastern attitude with a Cali flair. Two guys who if you met them in passing you wouldn’t believe that they make one of the most dope producing duos this side of the hemisphere. Wesley Lenear (@Cnwizz) and Matthew Ashton (@AshtonGold301) make up UPPR MGMT (Upper Management).

    Both true hip hop heads who bring their own style of production to the music they make together. Wes a midwesterner with smooth melodic take on beats with a trap undertone. Matt a backpacker with Cali and underground hip hop influences. I’ve sat and watched these guys make beat after beat and its come out magnificent. They are both quite the producing tandem and to only have known each other a year and have so much chemistry in a small time frame is a true testament to their love and dedication to the craft.

    Not mention Matt’s lyrical ability to boot. They are also quite the producers on their own. I had the opportunity to sit in on a couple sessions and even jam with these studio masterminds and what transpired was nothing short of ILL. I expect you’ll be hearing a lot more from UPPR MGMT pretty soon. Their stain and legend grows and when you listen to what they have done you’ll know why. Below I’ll post links to their sound clouds and some tracks they’ve produced. That’s all for now!!

    Matt and Wes

    Tracks to checkout:

    Be better than yesterday,


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    Big KRIT with the 8s

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    Love these sneakers

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    This verse hit me so much harder tonight.. Re-Light up Freestyle by Sdotbell

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